Building Safe and Accessible Trails and Paths

The East Coast Greenway connects 15 states and 450 cities and towns for 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida. They are fostering a safe walking and biking route through the country’s most populated corridor.

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From metropolitan centers to suburban sprawl, crowded spaces often prevent people from engaging in outdoor activities, such as bicycling and walking.

The East Coast Greenway alliance, though, is changing that paradigm. Through public investment, the East Coast Greenway, a 3,000 mile collection of trails and pathways, is connecting communities across the East Coast and providing safe and accessible areas to exercise, commute, and come together.

The East Coast Greenway Alliance has a fantastic mapping tool that will show you where you can access the Greenway nearest to your community.

The East Coast Greenway is a collaborative effort that has attracted more than $1 billion in public investment in its first 25 years. The dream of a 3,000-mile protected biking and walking route represents a commitment to public health, environmental sustainability, economic development, and civic engagement. Together, we are connecting people to nature and communities via a safe, accessible Greenway.

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