Smart Moves Consulting

solutions based consulting services

We live in the space
between problems
and solutions


Headquartered in Wilmington, NC
Smart Moves Consulting
is truly ‘Coastal.’

Established in 2018, Smart Moves Consulting has participated in a variety of projects, including the establishment of a large-scale integrated mobility program, the coordination of a public-private partnership to develop public projects, and recommendations to create a regional bicycle and pedestrian network.

Smart Moves Consulting provides solutions based consulting services, such as planning, developing funding strategies, project implementation, and meeting facilitation.

We live in the space between problems and solutions

Our Services

Funding Strategies

With extensive knowledge of funding opportunities and grant writing strategies, our team can aid your organization in the development of competitive grant proposals and implementation strategies for your public projects.

Project Implementation

Our goal is to ensure the success of your organization. We will assist in the establishment of project priorities followed by an implementation plan to keep your goals on track for success.

Public Meeting & Facilitation

Our experienced team can assist your organization with meeting and workshop facilitation, ensuring effective participation. Whether your focus is on consensus building or public outreach, we will guide the process to ensure all voices are heard.

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