We live in the space between problems and solutions.

Smart Moves Consulting provides solutions-based consulting services, such as planning, developing funding strategies, grant writing, and project management and implementation

Headquartered in Wilmington, NC
Smart Moves Consulting is true ‘Coastal.’

Established in 2018, Smart Moves Consulting has participated in a variety of projects, including transportation planning and research, the establishment of a large-scale integrated mobility program, coordination of public-private partnerships to develop public projects, and parks and recreation planning and project implementation.

We live in the space between problems and solutions.

Smart Moves Consulting


Smart Moves specializes in bringing your priority projects to life. 

Funding Strategies

We are here to understand your agency’s priority projects, navigate barriers to implementation, and help secure funding for those projects. Smart Moves has secured almost $100 million in grant funds for our clients to implement public projects

Project Management

Bringing a project to life can be tedious. We are here to coordinate grant applications; oversee permitting processes; manage and report grant funds; work with engineering, design, and construction firms; and promote and celebrate the project when completed.


Urban Planning is the art of ensuring that your public project is indeed supported by the public and has been vetted through a democratic process. We are here to help develop feasibility studies, write short- and long-range plans, provide suggestions to update plans, and help navigate the transportation planning process with your state transportation agency.

Projects Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases a range of successful projects across diverse industries and sectors.